Pastoral nomads and villagers in Somalia and Somaliland in East Africa spend most of their income on water. This leaves them with little left for food, medicine and shelter. The climate change with its unpredictable weather patterns add to their constant struggle for finding water.


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Nomad Relief is a nonprofit organization located in Toronto, Canada. The organization was created after the 2016 drought in Somalia and Somaliland. One of our goals is to provide clean water to the pastoral nomad communities during droughts and water shortages. The other is to identify and dig water bore holes that are in close proximity to the pastoral nomad migration routes and villages. These may be shallow or deep water bore holes and would provide life-saving clean water. Water-borne diseases would be minimized, if not eliminated altogether. The pastoral nomad’s livestock, which is his/her livelihood, would also benefit from the steady source of clean water.

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  1. Bali-Aralle
  2. Ilka-Adays
  3. Unbur-Libah
  4. Qorilugud

January 2017 – September 2018

Bali-Aralle (Bali-Caraale) is a remote village in the Saraar/Sool region, which is about 100 km from Burao, Togdheer. With the funds raised so far by individual donors, water-trucking and more information gathering efforts are underway.

Update: September 13, 2018

German Humanitarian Assistance from the German Foreign Office through Save the Children and the Somaliland Ministry of Water Resources built a modernized water borehole that uses solar power for Bali-Aralle. Our sincere thanks to the German people for funding this project!


February 2017 (on-going)

On February 24, 2017, Nomad Relief went on a needs assessment trip to the village, Ilka-Adays, Togdheer, Somaliland. A water-tanker delivered water at the same time. The funds for the water were contributed by individuals through various campaigns in Canada.




March 2017 (on-going)

On March 19, 2017, Nomad Relief delivered a tanker of water to Unbur-Libah,
Togdheer, Somaliland. The village is located about 55 km east of Burao. There are 400 to 450 permanent residents but around 40 more joined recently from the outskirts due to the drought.



May 26, 2017
Qorilugud, Togdheer, Somaliland

The generous donors to the fundraising campaign allowed for the purchase and delivery of 600 Sodium Chloride IV solutions for fighting dehydration at the only Qorilugud Mother Child Health (MCH) center in the district. Thank you, donors!

On September 2018, Save the Children, German Humanitarian Assistance and the Somaliland Ministry of Water Resource presented to the public the outcome of their joint efforts for a modernized borehole using solar power at Qorilugud, Buhodle region, Somaliland.




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